Garden of Devotion

Garden of Devotion

In the new Garden of Devotion, nestled in a wooded area near the creek, we now offer granite, upright family monuments. You can select two spaces or four spaces and secure with your spaces the privilege to inscribe a beautiful monument.

The monuments are pre-installed on specific lots. There is a selection of six different designs in six different beautiful and enduring granites.

The monuments can be secured in two different sizes depending upon if you select a lot with two spaces or four spaces.

The purchase price of the lot includes the right to inscribe the monument with your family name and individual inscriptions. There are no extra fees for the foundation or installation. The cost of the lots varies by the size and type of monument you prefer for you and your family.

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A family can select the two spaces on the north side of the monument and inscribe this side of the stone. A second family can select the south side of the monument and inscribe that side of the stone.  This is called a “shared monument”. By offering the monument in this manner, the beautiful upright monument is available to you at an affordable price. Also, Glen Eden can control the sizes, materials and designs of all the monuments to help maintain the reverence of the cemetery.

Our Memorial Advisors can answer all your questions and assist you in the selection of your lot and monument.

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